On November 27th, 2017, FIBRANDES was established as the National Telecommunications Company Bolivia S.A.C. for the provision of telecommunications services in southern Peru. For this reason, through Ministerial Resolution No. 081-2019-MTC/01.03 of February 8th, 2019, the Peruvian State grants us a unique concession for the provision of public telecommunications services, signing the respective concession contract on May 8th, 2019. We are currently dedicated to the administration, provision, exploitation and commercial operation, on our own account, third parties and/or associated with third parties, of telecommunications services and information and communication technologies (TIC), networks and others; research, development and technological innovation, as well as the manufacture, assembly, purchase and sale of all types of communication technology equipment, parts and other accessories.




In 2019, the first stage of the deployment project of our primary fiber optic network began with the underwater section and its respective node stations from Lima to the city of Ilo and later the land section to bring connectivity to the south of the country, the period of construction took more than a year and a significant investment in communication infrastructure.



Beginning of operations

On July 7th, 2020, our technical operations officially began. Once the fiber optics have been deployed and the equipment configuration and testing period has passed, we begin with the transmission service of large volumes of data in broadband, low latency and stability to interconnect the south of Peru regions and the global telecommunications network.

Arequipas Nodo

In 2023 we started the construction of a node station in the city of Arequipa that connects with our Mollendo node and expands our coverage to that city to offer companies national and international data transport services, circuit leasing for data transport, dedicated link services for Internet access and dedicated Internet access service for companies.







Our mission is to connect the world through innovative and reliable telecommunications solutions. We strive to provide efficient communication services that empower individuals, businesses, and communities to thrive in the digital age. With focus on exceptional customer experience and cutting-edge technology, we are dedicated to deliver high-quality, secure, and affordable connectivity solutions to our global network of customers.


Our vision is to be the leading telecommunications company, revolutionizing the way people connect, communicate and collaborate. We envision a future where everyone is seamlessly connected, enabling limitless possibilities and fueling economic growth.


We are committed to offering telecommunications services of the highest quality and excellence in every aspect of our business. We constantly seek to improve our processes, infrastructure and technical capabilities to provide superior solutions to our clients. We strive to exceed expectations and offer a reliable, efficient and secure service.

We are committed to the success of our clients, collaborators and partners. We work hand in hand with them to understand their needs, objectives and challenges, and provide personalized and client-oriented solutions. Our commitment is based on trust, transparency and business ethics, ensuring long-term relationships based on mutual satisfaction.

We strive to be leaders in a highly competitive environment. We constantly seek to innovate, adopt new technologies and improve our services to stay at the forefront of the telecommunications industry. We are committed to sustainable and profitable growth, as well as creating value for our shareholders, employees and customers.

We recognize that the telecommunications landscape is constantly evolving. We are committed to being agile and adaptable in the face of technological changes, market demands and the changing needs of our clients. We value flexibility and responsiveness to anticipate and address emerging challenges, and we are willing to adjust our approaches and strategies to stay relevant in an ever-changing world.


A complete team of multidisciplinary professionals focused on providing corporate solutions make up the Fibrandes family.

We have a great team of experienced multidisciplinary professionals, oriented towards efficiency and business support that allows us to offer the most complete and effective solutions to our clients.