Circuit Leasing


Point-to-point links that allow the connection of branches in a completely exclusive way for the transmission of telecommunications signals

Bandwidth From 1 to 200 Gbps

Permanent support 24x7x365

Exclusive connection use for the client

100% Optical fiber

We have equipment and means that make communications possible with point-to-point or point-to-multipoint links for your company in each of our sites in Lima and southern Peru.

We are a telecommunications company that has a wide fiber optic network deployed throughout the South of Peru with a network of 9 node stations and more than 2,300 km of maritime and terrestrial fiber, being able to offer dedicated connections to companies and service providers that require high speeds. and a reliable connection for your daily operations.

Fiber optic circuit leasing offers many advantages, such as high bandwidth, low latency, and increased security compared to other data transmission technologies. In addition, this service allows companies to have full control over their connection, since a dedicated circuit is provided exclusively for their use, which guarantees optimal performance and the ability to adapt to changing business needs.

This type of service is especially beneficial for companies that require high data transmission speeds, such as Internet service providers, data centers, telecommunications companies, and companies that handle large amounts of information in real time.

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