Dedicated Links


Our 100% fiber optic network provides guaranteed high speed and bandwidth, avoiding bottlenecks, high latencies and fluctuations.

Access to large volumes of data traffic

Telecommunications linking the South regions of Peru and the world

Low latency underwater fiber optics

10ms latency

Our internet connection service that allows your company to be permanently connected to the global network or internet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year with our ring network.

A dedicated fiber optic link provides an exclusive and permanent connection between two geographically distant points. This means that you do not share the bandwidth with other users, which guarantees greater speed and reliability in data transmission. In addition, being a dedicated connection, possible interference or congestion that can arise in a shared network is avoided.


This type of service is ideal for companies or organizations that require a high-speed connection and data transmission capacity, such as data centers, technology companies, educational institutions, among others. It is also used to interconnect headquarters or branches of the same organization, allowing access to shared resources and applications in real time.


Dedicated fiber optic links offer a series of advantages, such as a higher connection and data transmission speed, lower latency (response time), greater security in the transmission of confidential information, and a greater capacity to support applications and services that require high bandwidth, such as video conferencing, teleworking, remote access to servers, among others.

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