Data Transport


Interconnect your branches with dedicated links through a 100% optics fiber platform nationally and internationally, in a stable and safe way.

Low Latency

Telecommunications linking the South regions of Peru and the world

Robust design with high bandwidth

10 ms of latency

We make possible the transmission of data and communication networks from one point to another in a bidirectional or multidirectional way efficiently and without loss of connectivity thanks to our network capacity.

This service allows the transmission of voice, video and data through fiber optic cables, which allows a faster and more reliable connection than other means of communication. Fiber optics are immune to electromagnetic interference, providing higher signal quality and stable performance.

It is used by telecommunications companies that require a high-speed and reliable connection. The benefits of fiber optic data transport service include higher data transmission speed, higher load capacity, lower latency and higher connection reliability. It also allows the simultaneous transmission of multiple data streams, which is essential for real-time video transmission applications.

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